3 Free Simplest DIY Website Builder

3 Simplest DIY Website Builder – DIY stands for Do IT Yourself.

A website builder – refer to a service that help in creating a website by combining prebuilt website template and easy to use drag and drop editor for user to fine customize their website.

The simplest DIY Website Builder we have found is Olitt Website Builder.

This article will highlight why Olitt Website Builder is the simplest DIY Website Builder out there.

This article is written after use of the following website Builders. for Simplest DIY Website Builder happens to the most popular at the time of writing this article with hundreds of Millions of users. provide two models a simple website builder (ADI) and a feature rich technical editor that is suited to Web Developers. Wix ADI is simple to use and feature rich, it’s an inconvenience when users end up on the editor which calls for some knowledge in web design and therefore loses our spot for the Simplest DIY Website Builder. for Simplest DIY Website Builder

Squarespace is a website builder with the best designs, website built on Squarespace look cleaner and more professional than other website builders. Squarespace is also one of the most expensive Website builder to use. Though Squarespace is not the simplest per our evaluation, once can fig their way on it. for Simplest DIY Website Builder

Weebly is a website builder owned by Square and over the past few years has been pivoting towards online stores. Weebly is a good match for online store creation, Weebly provides better online stores than Wix and Squarespace. Weebly is not the Simplest but one can figure their way on it. – The Simplest DIY Website Builder is not as popular as, Weebly or Squarespace but surely introduces fresh air, fresh approach to DIY Website Builder.

It probably takes 3 minute to publish a decent website on

The experience start by previewing category of well selected beautiful website template, after which you have a choice of publishing a website with the prebuilt website as it is.

The placement of Edit, Visit and Preview buttons allow you to choose any action with ease.

Edit allow you to customize your website, change text, drag and drop images and blocks.

Ability to drag and drop blocks helps you to create a different design to what presented on the template with ease.

Dragging Blocks is like generating a new Website Template in a click.

Anytime during the process you can preview, then publish.

Connect Domain

Connecting domains is even simpler

You just need to add DNS record to your domain and then click Connect and you go live with a custom domain name.


Olitt also provide a feature rich DNS Manager powered by Cloudoon . Olitt DNS  allow you to point your Domain to other services like external mail service, a CRM hosted on a subdomain on a different server, TXT record for domain ownership verification among other use cases

SEO Tools

SEO Tools at Olitt are simple to use, upload your Favicon, and put your website Tittle, Keywords and Meta description to get started with Search Engine optimization.

Olitt supports most popular integration, including, Google Analytics, Stripe, Jira, PayPal and Custom Script.

The combination of all these features one needs creates freedom for the user and this is why has won the Simplest DIY Website Builder Award.

Check out features. Take advantage of the free package to try out

  • Free Olitt.Com Domain
  • Connect Custom Domain
  • No Olitt.Com Branding
  • SSL Certificate
  • SEO Friendly
  • DNS Management
  • Pre-Built Websites
  • 5gb Disk Space
  • External Integrations
  • 1 Domain For Life
  • Priority Support
  • 5 Websites Package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy any domain name at

Yes, has the best prices for domains and there are over 400 domain name extensions at


Olitt Website Builder carry the day as both the Simplest DIY Website Builder and the best priced Website Builder. Get Started on Olitt Free Website Builder platform today.

Cloud storage on Cloudoon

Cloud storage involves maintaining, managing and giving users access to the data through the Internet. The physical storage consists of several servers owned and managed by a hosting company. It is the responsibility of the cloud storage provider to ensure that data is made accessible to the client when needed. Organisations use cloud storage to store user, application and organisation data. Cloud storage is useful for backups and disaster recovery and ensures that in case of emergency the company still has access to its data.

Cloudoon is a reliable business email hosting solution that will facilitate smooth running of your business. Cloudoon’s email service, Cloudoon, provides all these services and many more additional tools. It is a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G suite. Cloudoon is a dedicated email hosting service introducing new levels of email service and reliability and security. Some of the benefits of using Cloudoon cloud storage include:

Cost- We ensure that we offer best email hosting service at affordable prices. We have different plans (Gold, Silver, Bronze) each with prices for the 1 year plan, 2 year plan and 3 year plan.

Data management: Cloudoon manages data stored on Cloudoon for the client and handles any issues that arise. This spares the client the time that would have been spent on managing data by themselves.

Availability: Data stored in Cloudoon can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Scalability: Autoscale allows automatic scaling up and down of infrastructure resources based on load. Autoscale is designed to handle natural business cycle, providing just the optimum resource, we know during certain events business experience unprecedented traffic and some other times little or no traffic. This ensures more flexibility and large storage space.

24/7 personalized support: Clients have access to excellent support provided by our team of Sales and Product engineers on 24/7 basis. We ensure that we handle any issues that arise to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Easy to use and adopt: Cloudoon is very easy to learn. It also has free migration tools that make it easy to migrate.

Data Recovery: This is especially suitable for emergencies such as when the company loses data, which can cause huge losses. Cloudoon creates a backup of the files stored. These files are stored in a remote location. They are accessible at any time.

Backups: Cloudoon can act as a backup plan in case of data loss. Data stored on cloud will be safe from loss.

Data sharing: Data stored in Cloudoon can easily be shared with colleagues in a safe and secure manner. It allows employees to work together on a project. Cloudoon provides tools that will allow users to collaborate on documents even in different locations.

Cloudoon is the best dedicated email hosting provider. Cloudoon  provides specialized and dedicated email hosting solutions for businesses and professionals who cannot afford to miss mail. For more information visit our website



Cloudoon Mail for Telcos

Telcos need reliable email hosting solutions to engage with customers. It also helps them to promote their brand. Cloudoon provides a reliable email solution for telcos and service providers. Instead of maintaining your server in house and hiring staff to manage it, we handle all that work for you. This saves on the organisation’s resources and allows you to focus on other business areas. At Cloudoon, we are dedicated to offer your organisation the best dedicated email hosting at an affordable price. Our team is available 24/07 to provide support and to deal with issues that may arise while using the service. Our service has 99.999% uptime, to ensure that your business is running at all times.

Cloudoon comes with many features such as:

  • It is accessible in multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.
  • It comes loaded with many productivity tools such as notes, event manager, contacts manager and calendar. These tools aim at helping employees become more productive in the workplace.
  • Customized features such as dedicated ip, custom url and custom login page.
  • Many collaboration tools such as Shared documents, Team Workspace, Whiteboard and Video Conferencing. Such tools come in handy for your business especially when employees are in different locations or are working as a team in a particular project. It makes it easier for them to work.
  • Premium antivirus and spam guard. No one wants spam on their inbox. It is annoying and time consuming as people take time to read them. This feature blocks such emails.
  • Free migration. Transfer of data to our platform is free of charge and we ensure to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • No ads. Free emails get a lot of advertisements with Cloudoon this is not an issue any more.
  • There is real time sync of data across all devices. Regardless of the device you are using to access your mail, all of them are synced together.
  • Storage space is available in our packages. There are 3 packages: 50GB, 25GB and 15GB per account.
  • Cloudoon also provides email aliases and domain aliases.

Cloudoon is built to provide professional email for telcos and take your business to the next level.




Cloudoon Mail for Startups

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of startups around the world. We recognize the need for startups to have a reliable email service to handle their email servers. It is very expensive to maintain an email server in house because it requires constant maintenance and the cost of purchasing the servers is quite high. This is why Cloudoon introduced Cloudoon Mail for Startups that handles all your business email. It is a dedicated email hosting solution that provides reliable email servers. It comes with tools designed to improve employee productivity and collaboration.

Cloudoon has many features. Some of them include:

  • Migration is free, to allow seamless transfer of your organisation’s data.
  • Access to 24/7 support from our product engineers who handle the management of your email servers.
  • Email is ad free.
  • Premium antivirus and spam guard to prevent unwanted emails.
  • Cloud storage for every email account (50GB in Gold, 25GB in Silver and 15GB in Bronze)
  • The service is accessible through multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.
  • Collaboration tools such as Video Conferencing, Shared Documents, Team Workspace and Whiteboard that allows employees to work together regardless of physical location.
  • Realtime sync of data across all devices. Data is updated as soon as it changes on your devices: mobile phone and computer.
  • Data stored on Cloudoon is accessible anywhere and at any time.
  • Email alias and domain alias.
  • Dedicated IP address assigned exclusively for your hosting account.
  • Custom log in page and custom url.

If you want a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G suite then Cloudoon is the tool to use. It is a dedicated business email hosting solution that provides professional email for all businesses. We offer the service at very affordable payment plans:

1 year plan: Gold ($6.90 per month), Silver ($5.49 per month) and Bronze ($2.99 per month)

2 year plan: Gold ($5.90 per month), Silver ($4.49 per month) and Bronze ($1.99 per month)

3 year plan: Gold ($5.50 per month), Silver ($4.00 per month) and Bronze ($1.49 per month)

The solution is launched within minutes. For more information, visit our website



Cloudoon Mail for SMEs

Organisations such as small medium enterprises need a secure and reliable cloud hosting solution to store data.  Cloudoon provides a secure business email hosting solution. We offer reliable email servers for businesses and professionals at very cheap and affordable prices. Our support staff is available 24/7 to handle management of your organisation’s email servers to ensure that the service is up and running at all times, also to handle any technical issues that may arise during the use of the service. By using an email hosting solution, SMEs can save money as using email hosting is cheaper compared to purchasing servers and hiring IT staff to manage it.

Cloudoon is a dedicated email hosting service introducing new levels of email service and reliability and security. All the services offered in Cloudoon are built to improve your organisation’s productivity. The services offered within Cloudoon include cloud storage 50GB per account in Gold, 25GB per account in Silver and 15GB per account in Bronze. Other tools offered include shared documents, email aliases, antivirus and spam guard to prevent spam mail, contact manager, notes, calendar, event manager, Video Conferencing, Team Workspace and Whiteboard for collaboration. It is a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G suite. We offer backup for your data in case of data loss or server failure. Migration is free and email is ad free. It is accessible through multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. Also, there is real time data sync of data across all devices such as smartphone, computer, web client. It also comes free of ads and migration is free. Cloudoon offers the secure and reliable professional mail. It is a service that allows you to launch email solutions within minutes.

We offer different payment plans such as 1 year plan, 2 year plan and 3 year plan, all at affordable prices. For more information visit our website,