Softcom Story Cloud Computing Crucial for Uptime of Hospital Management Systems

Softcom Story: Cloud Computing Crucial for Uptime of Hospital Management Systems

Softcom develops and deploys enterprise hospital management information systems to improve data accessibility and decision making for healthcare providers. However, unmonitored downtime of their cloud-hosted systems was hampering service delivery. By leveraging CloudPap’s managed cloud platform, Softcom reduced downtime and improved customer trust and growth.

The Challenge: Unmonitored Downtime Disrupting Hospital Systems

Softcom’s hospital management systems aim to provide healthcare providers with fast access to data for enhanced decision making. But the company struggled with unmonitored downtimes of their cloud-hosted solutions, which heavily disrupted hospital operations.

Key pain points included:

  • Lack of monitoring leading to undetected downtime
  • Slow recovery from system disruptions
  • Customers losing trust due to poor uptime

With hospitals relying on these systems for daily operations, downtime could be disastrous. Softcom needed to improve uptime and system resilience.

The Solution: Robust Cloud Resources and Monitoring

To minimize disruptive downtime, Softcom adopted CloudPap’s robust cloud platform, including:

  • Instance Cloning – Fast recovery by cloning from backups
  • Uptime Monitoring – Dashboard to detect anomalies early
  • Cloud Resources – Reliable computing infrastructure

The cloning from backups allowed quick restoration after downtime, reducing disruption.

Uptime monitoring enabled early detection of issues, allowing preventative maintenance.

And the underlying cloud infrastructure provided a resilient foundation.

The Results: Increased Uptime and Customer Growth

Since leveraging CloudPap’s cloud platform, Softcom has significantly improved the uptime and resilience of their hospital management systems:

  • Minimized downtime: Faster recovery and preventative maintenance
  • Improved customer trust: Near 100% uptime increased reliance on systems
  • Grew customer base: More healthcare providers adopting their systems
  • Enhanced operations: Better visibility into system health

Softcom’s partnership with CloudPap has been crucial for growing their business by delivering robust management systems healthcare providers can truly rely on.

“Due to the increased uptime, larger clientele have adopted our system making our business grow. We believe using CloudPap boosted our system’s uptime and our partnership with them has proven beneficial.” – Softcom

For technology companies serving the healthcare sector, delivering reliable systems is critical. With CloudPap’s cloud platform, Softcom gained the visibility and resilience needed to minimize disruptive downtime and foster customer trust.

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