This Ecommerce Site Automates SMS Marketing with Jisort Bulk SMS

The Challenge

As a fast-growing ecommerce company selling household products online, maintaining customer relationships was critical but challenging to scale. Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Send customers timely reminders on promotions and new arrivals
  • Deliver personalized messages for birthdays and holidays
  • Avoid high costs and hassles of manual SMS processes

Relying on staff to manually send SMS campaigns was tedious, risky, and cost-prohibitive. We needed an automated solution.

The Solution

We implemented Jisort’s bulk SMS platform to seamlessly:

  • Upload contacts from our customer database
  • Schedule campaigns to send automated SMS messages
  • Get delivery reports on SMS reach and engagement

The Results

Jisort’s bulk SMS capabilities have been a game-changer:

  • 68% increase in SMS message volume
  • 4X faster campaign creation without manual entry
  • $3,200 saved annually on labor for SMS efforts

We’ve also seen higher customer satisfaction and sales:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
SMS Messages Sent1,500/month2,800/month+87%
Click-Through Rate2.8%3.7%+32%
Customer Satisfaction Score7681+6%

The Future

With SMS marketing automated, we are now focused on service expansion, including:

  • Launching an AI chatbot to handle customer inquiries
  • Building WhatsApp and social media integrations
  • Testing personalized recommendations in messages

We plan to continue leveraging Jisort’s platform to enhance omni-channel engagement as we scale new solutions to delight customers. SMS will play an integral role in this next phase of rapid growth for our brand.

Jisort’s Real-Time Financial Reporting Boosts Stakeholder Confidence

The Challenge

As a growing financial cooperative with over 1,200 shareholders, our SACCO struggled to provide stakeholders timely insights into financial performance.

Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Give shareholders real-time visibility into financial health
  • Arm leadership with reports to address stakeholder concerns
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty heading into annual meetings

Manual reports from spreadsheets couldn’t scale, resulting in blindspots for shareholders and leadership alike.

The Solution

We adopted Jisort for its seamless savings and loan management capabilities, including:

  • Real-time reporting on financial metrics like portfolio quality, liquidity ratios, and capital positions.
  • Amortization scheduling so borrowers can model loan repayment upfront.
  • Custom analytics to track impact of new programs on financial performance.

The Results

With Jisort, transparency into our financial position has improved tremendously:

  • 43% increase in leadership confidence responding to shareholders
  • 51% fewer questions fielded at annual meetings
  • 29 hours saved compiling manual reports each month

By arming our shareholders and board with real-time financial insights, we have increased stakeholder alignment while reducing risk:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
Loan Defaults8.2%6.3%-23%
Shareholder Satisfaction71%86%+15%
Liquidity Ratio1.311.53+16%

The Future

With a strong financial foundation established, we are now focused on service expansion, including:

  • Streamlining online loan applications
  • Adding mobile banking and payments
  • Developing member portal for account access

Jisort’s cloud-based platform gives us the agility to meet member needs today and scale for tomorrow. We are confident it will enable our next chapter of rapid growth and social impact.

Jisort’s Paperless Registration Drives Member Growth for Lending SACCO

The Challenge

As a lending SACCO seeking to provide financial services to underserved pastoral and livestock trader communities, a key challenge we faced was the paper-based customer registration process. Many potential members lacked formal identification documents or had documents in poor condition. This made registration difficult and created barriers to onboarding new members.

Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Simplify member registration for pastoralists with limited paperwork
  • Accelerate the onboarding process to activate loans faster
  • Expand financial inclusion to more community members

The Solution

We adopted a paperless registration system based on Jisort’s flexible platform, which included:

  • SMS Registration: Allowing members to register with basic details (name, ID number, livestock) via SMS messages.
  • Ambassador Outreach: Employing community ambassadors to gather registration details from members through oral interviews in local dialects.
  • Online Forms: Simple web-based forms requiring minimal details to instantly generate a member registration number.

The Results

The paperless registration process produced strong results:

  • 52% increase in new member registration in 5 months
  • 4X faster onboarding with instant member numbers issued
  • 38 new loans activated for members within first month

Additionally, by expanding access:

  • Herder groups and pastoral families are now able to access financial services
  • Increased financial inclusion for the community at large

Here are some key metrics on our registration growth:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
Members Registered1,1001,800+63%
Loans Activated230320+39%
Member Satisfaction72%81%+9%

The Future

With streamlined paperless registration empowering us to rapidly onboard more members, we are now focused on service expansion. Key priorities include:

  • Digitizing loan application process
  • Adding mobile banking and payments
  • Launching a member self-service portal

We know that robust identity and access management capabilities will be crucial for accountable growth. Jisort provides the trusted foundational platform we need to scale our offerings sustainably over the long term.

Asset Financing Firm Increases Customer Base with Jisort

The Challenge

We are an asset financing firm that provides equipment for farm mechanization and agro processing to customers on a leased loan basis. Our main challenge was keeping updated records on our customers and the status of their loan repayments in order to offer better rates to our loyal customers.

Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Generate updated financial reports for our loan portfolio
  • Plan preferential rates for customers based on their repayment history

The Solution

We implemented Jisort, which is a secure and compliant cloud banking platform designed to help financial institutions like us automate services and launch digital products quickly.

Here are the key reasons we chose Jisort:

  • Loan Tracking: Jisort enabled us to easily track loan payments and balances.
  • Data Migration: We could smoothly transition our existing Excel-based customer data into Jisort’s loan management system through their bulk data migration tools.
  • Custom Reporting: Jisort generated the detailed financial reports we needed to analyze our loan portfolio and determine customer loyalty rates.

The Results

Since implementing Jisort:

  • Our customer base has grown as we’ve been able to offer better rates to customers with good repayment histories
  • Loan tracking is easier with all data in one system, enabling us to spend less time on manual admin work and more time servicing customers
  • We’ve been able to finance more SMEs in the agricultural sector by having a stronger understanding of our loan portfolio’s performance

Here are some of the key metrics showing our success with Jisort:

MetricBefore JisortAfter Jisort% Change
Number of Customers1,2001,800+50%
Loans Tracked8001,500+87%
Repeat Customers30%45%+50%

The Future

With Jisort’s loan management system in place, we are positioned for strong growth in the coming years. Features we are looking forward to using more:

  • Automated late payment notifications to customers
  • Customer portal for self-service access to loan details
  • Expanded custom analytics reports

Overall, Jisort has given us the agility and customer insight we need to rapidly mature our technology capabilities and service more customers. We eagerly anticipate the platform being a core driver of our growth for years to come.

Boosting HR Consulting Collaboration with Truehost

The Client: HR Consulting Firm

This HR consulting firm specializes in helping job seekers secure new roles. They coach clients on resumes, interview skills and workplace etiquette to set them up for success. The firm has a team of coaches who collaborate to provide comprehensive consulting services.

The Challenge: Coordinating a Remote Consultant Team

With coaches working remotely across different time zones, it became difficult to align on client action plans. Email chains would become convoluted trying to loop in multiple consultants. Scheduling follow ups and tracking progress fell through the cracks. They needed a better way to collaborate.

The Solution: Truehost Business Email and Calendar

Key features that enabled seamless teamwork:

  • Shared mailboxes – Assign client mailboxes so all consultants can communicate
  • Group conversations – Avoid long email chains by bringing all members into one thread
  • Shared calendar – View availability and schedule client meetings as a team
  • Whiteboard for notes – Collaborate on client action plans in real-time

With Truehost Business Email, coaches could work together in each client mailbox. The calendar let them schedule follow ups and track progress. The whiteboard became their virtual conference room to align on coaching strategy.

The Results: More Cohesive and Productive Consultant Team

Since adopting Truehost, the HR consulting firm has seen:

  • Improved consultant alignment – Better collaboration through shared mailboxes and whiteboard
  • More efficient communication – Group conversations keep everyone on the same page
  • Enhanced client coordination – Shared calendar improves scheduling and follow-through
  • Higher client satisfaction – More cohesive consulting approach provides better service

The Verdict: Truehost Fuels Seamless Teamwork

“Collaborating remotely as a consulting team was a constant struggle. Truehost gave us the tools to work together effortlessly so we can focus on delivering great service to our clients.” – Founder

For professional service firms with distributed teams, Truehost provides the inbox, calendar and whiteboard features needed to drive team alignment and collaboration. The integrated suite enables continuous and seamless teamwork no matter where consultants are located.