Cloudoon for NonProfit Organisations

Cloudoon for NonProfit Organisations

Cloudoon is your one stop provider for secure business email hosting. We offer email hosting solutions for your business at very cheap and affordable prices. Our platform, Cloudoon introduces a new way of doing business that ensures that you get optimum results. We offer reliable email servers for non-profit organisations and businesses. Email hosting saves on cost incurred in acquiring email servers and the cost of hiring staff to handle management of servers. This makes it a very affordable solution for non-profit organisations. Our service is available 24/7 to handle the management of your email servers and offer support for any technical difficulties that you may face while using our service.

Cloudoon provides dedicated email hosting service using our platform called Cloudoon. The services offered within Cloudoon include cloud storage that is offered in three packages 50GB, 25GB and 15GB per user, shared documents, email aliases, antivirus to protect data from viruses and spam guard to prevent unwanted mail, tools that enhance employee productivity such as contact manager, notes, calendar and event manager, collaboration tools such as Video Conferencing, Team Workspace and Whiteboard. Migration is free and email is ad free. It is accessible through multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. There is real time data sync of data across all devices such as smartphone, computer, web client.

The services is offered in 3 packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze all available at cheap and affordable prices. We offer backup for your data in case of data loss or server failure. The security of your data is of utmost importance and Cloudoon has antivirus and antispam to block spam messages. Tools such as Team Workspace and Video Conferencing facilitate collaboration of employees in doing projects which they can work on regardless of the geographical location of users even away from office. For more information visit our website,




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