Managed Databases Transparent Pricing

Deploy Fully Managed Databases

Highly Scaleable Managed Databases

  • Database as a Service
  • Clustered Databases
  • MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • Agile and Robust
  • Failover Options
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Easy Restore Options
  • Pay As You Go Billing

Supported Database Solutions

The Best Open Source Databases optimized for Performance and Security.

postgre sql
redis stars

Managed Databases Advanced Features

Managed Databases Hosted for Developers

  • Restful Api enabled
  • Failover Options
  • Clustered Deployment
  • Automated Backup
  • Easy Restore
  • 24/07 Support
  • Connect with Olitt Apps
  • Pay As You Go

Why Mission Critical Apps and Sites go for Managed Databases..?

  • Developers with no time to manage databases
  • Highly Scaleable Database Requirements
  • Failover Database Requirements
  • Clustered Database Requirements
  • Highly Secured Database Requirements