How OLITT Online Store Builder Empowers Sellers to Better Serve Customers

How OLITT Online Store Builder Empowers Sellers to Better Serve Customers

Jane started selling products through her Facebook page but struggled with tracking customers and providing receipts. By leveraging OLITT’s free website builder, she launched an online store that enabled better customer service and grew her business.

The Challenge: Inadequate Tools for Selling via Social Media

Jane originally used her Facebook page to sell products and communicate with customers. However, this platform posed limitations:

  • No way to track customers contacting via mobile number
  • Unable to provide receipts for social media payments
  • Lacked capabilities to create promotions and track their performance

Without proper ecommerce tools, Jane risked losing customer trust and sales opportunities. She needed a more robust platform to better serve buyers.

The Solution: Launching an Online Store with OLITT

To overcome the limitations of selling through social media, Jane used OLITT’s free website builder to create an online store. Key features includes:

  • Customizable online store templates – Easy to build a professional ecommerce site
  • Integrated payment system – Enables orders and automatic receipts
  • Promotions capabilities – Create and track performance of sales campaigns

The professional templates allowed launching a store quickly without coding skills.

The payment integration generated receipts and order history, improving customer service.

Promotion tools enabled targeted sales campaigns not possible on social channels.

The Results: Improved Customer Experience and Business Growth

Since launching her store with OLITT, Jane transformed her business:

  • Increased customer trust – Order tracking and receipts add credibility
  • Better promotions – Special offers drive more sales
  • Valuable customer insights – Can analyze buyer behavior to optimize
  • Cost-effective – Free store builder enabled affordable expansion

“The OLITT online shop has benefited me and my customers.” – Jane

OLITT’s free and customizable online store builder empowered a social media seller to significantly improve her ecommerce capabilities. She can now provide a professional buying experience that fosters customer loyalty and business growth.

For entrepreneurs selling through social platforms, a robust online store can be transformative. OLITT enabled Jane to level-up her ecommerce operation and unlock new revenue opportunities.