Largest Green Data Center in Africa

The Cloudoon Masinga Green Data Center (MAS101)  offers the promise of high reliability, affordability, and environmental consciousness.


MAS101 Data Center is to be constructed along the 7 forks Hydro-power stations in Kenya. It will have a capacity of over 10 MW installed IT load, raised floor space of 200,000 square foot, and over 2500 racks and office space.

The data center will be powered by Hydro power and an onsite 10MW Solar Power plant, and will be cooled by water based technology.

MAS101 Data Center will be located within a secure 10 acres campus, separate from the solar farm’s 50 acres campus.
With this capacity and efficiency, it’s not only the largest green data center in Africa but also one of the greenest data center in the World.

The Data Center seeks to lower the cost of colocation and use of Data Center facilities in the Kenya, providing a low latency colocation facility in the East African Region.