Masinga Green Data Center

Largest Green Data Center in Africa

The Cloudoon Masinga 101 Data Center is the first of its kind, and will revolutionize the Cloud ecosystem in the region. A few highlights:

  • Largest green data center in Africa
  • Located along the Seven Forks dams, Kenya’s source of hydroelectric power.
  • Strategically located to serve the Eastern Africa region with low latency.
  • Water cooled under gravity, making the whole process very sustainable.
  • Cheapest colocation facility in Africa, with prices equal to the cheapest you can find in other parts of the world.

A great cost of running a Data Center in the tropics is the high cost of cooling incurred. The Masinga Data Center will be one of the first to innovate around this in the region, by using water cooling under gravity, making the whole facility as green as it can ever be. Features include:

  • Water cooled facility, achieving a major green milestone.
  • Air conditioning is provided at N+1 redundancy.
  • Large water reservoir provided by the neighboring Masinga Dam.

Data security is paramount, and Masinga 101 Data Center will have several measures to ensure physical security of the facility.

  • External CCTV monitoring perimeter and external areas.
  • Extensive CCTV and access control throughout the facility.
  • Progressive layers of security to restrict access through the site.
  • Mantraps with biometric readers into data halls if required.
  • Private security on-site to monitor the solar farm and the data center campus.
  • Perimeter wall and gates to protect from vehicle attack.

Several safeguards to guard against fire:

  • Private firefighting equipment on standby.
  • Three-stage fire detection systems into data halls and UPS plant areas.
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus in data halls and UPS plant rooms for early warning.
  • Fire detection in all rooms, ceiling return air plenums, and in voids as required.
  • Nitrogen-filled pre-action sprinkler system to data halls and UPS rooms.
  • Double-knock approach sprinkler system to all areas, zone activation.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems interconnected to central BMS (Building Management System).

Some of the features include:

  • Carrier-neutral access.
  • Connection to the local Internet Exchange Point and Dark Fiber.
  • Redundant cabling infrastructure with diverse paths.
  • Meet-me rooms.

The competitive advantage of this data center is in its pricing, whereby it will be 50% cheaper than the existing facilities. The secret to this is in the power factor.

  • 1 MW facility powered from green sources.
  • Redundant power supply from two different hydroelectric power plants and a solar farm.
  • IT power metered and charged as used.
  • 1 MW solar farm that offers green energy for the facility.
  • 99.9% reliability with the ability for concurrent maintainability.
  • Meshed IT distribution topology for reliable power distribution.


MAS101 Data Center is to be constructed along the 7 forks Hydro-power stations in Kenya. It will have a capacity of over 10 MW installed IT load, raised floor space of 200,000 square foot, and over 2500 racks and office space.

The data center will be powered by Hydro power and an onsite 10MW Solar Power plant, and will be cooled by water based technology.

MAS101 Data Center will be located within a secure 10 acres campus, separate from the solar farm’s 50 acres campus.

With this capacity and efficiency, it’s not only the largest green data center in Africa but also one of the greenest data center in the World.

The Data Center seeks to lower the cost of colocation and use of Data Center facilities in the Kenya, providing a low latency colocation facility in the East African Region.

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