Streamlining Tenders with Truehost Business Email

Streamlining Tenders with Truehost Business Email

The Client: Tendering Services Company

This company specializes in preparing and submitting tenders for government and public sector projects. With every new tender announcement, they need to quickly organize correspondence and required documents from suppliers to meet tight bid deadlines.

The Challenge: Organizing a High Volume of Emails and Documents

For each tender, the company sends out numerous Requests For Quotations (RFQs) to suppliers. They receive emailed quotes and documents back that need to be compiled for the final bid. With 5-10 new tenders each month, organizing all these emails across multiple large projects became extremely difficult. Important messages were getting lost, costing time and opportunities.

They tried email folders and flags but with hundreds of messages per tender, it was still inefficient to manage. They needed a better system to handle the high email volume.

The Solution: Truehost Business Email

Key features that helped streamline their process:

  • Custom email addresses – Assign addresses like [email protected] for supplier correspondence
  • Shared mailbox access – Allow staff to manage inboxes collaboratively
  • Email rules – Automatically categorize messages from RFQ recipients
  • 10GB storage – Plenty of space for all attachments
  • Email continuity – Seamless email service even when servers go down

With Truehost Business Email, they gave each new tender its own shared mailbox. Supplier RFQs and quotes automatically sorted for easy retrieval. Different staff could access the inboxes to keep communication flowing efficiently.

The Results: Faster Bid Preparation and Increased Wins

Since switching to Truehost Business Email, the company has seen great improvements:

  • Quicker tender document collection – Emails no longer get lost and are organized in advance
  • Faster bid preparation – With all supplier input compiled in one place, bids come together more efficiently
  • Less mistakes – Important messages don’t get missed or overlooked

This streamlined process has allowed them to respond to more tenders each month. Their increased bid submissions and attention to detail has directly resulted in winning more government contracts.

The Verdict: Truehost Delivers Robust Tools for Complex Workflows

“Trying to manage so many supplier emails and documents for each tender was slowing us down. Truehost Business Email gave us the organization tools we desperately needed. Our process is far more efficient now which has increased our tender wins.” – Tender Manager

For companies managing lots of complex workflows and correspondence, Truehost Business Email provides powerful features to streamline communication. The ability to customize addresses and share access keeps projects organized and teams in sync.