Cloudoon mail for Hospitals

Hospitals use email to send very critical information about their patients. These kinds of records are meant to be kept secure and should be accessible by the relevant parties. Cloudoon provides all this and more for hospitals as an email hosting solution. We ensure that the service is up and running at all times and provide 24/07 support through our well trained team of engineers. Cloudoon provides a better alternative for managing mail for your organisations. It saves on costs of purchasing servers and employing staff to manage it. By outsourcing cloudoon emails for hospitals,  you can be sure to get the best email hosting service that will ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Cloudoon has many features such as:

  • It is accessible in multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.
  • It comes loaded with many productivity tools such as notes, event manager, contacts manager and calendar. These tools aim at helping employees become more productive in the workplace.
  • Customized features such as dedicated ip, custom url and custom login page.
  • Many collaboration tools such as Shared documents, Team Workspace, Whiteboard and Video Conferencing. Such tools come in handy for your business especially when employees are in different locations or are working as a team in a particular project. It makes it easier for them to work.
  • Premium antivirus and spam guard. No one wants spam on their inbox. It is annoying and time consuming as people take time to read them. This feature blocks such emails.
  • Free migration. Transfer of data to our platform is free of charge and we ensure to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • No ads. Free emails get a lot of advertisements with Cloudoon this is not an issue any more.
  • There is real time sync of data across all devices. Regardless of the device you are using to access your mail, all of them are synced together.
  • Cloudoon also provides email aliases and domain aliases.

Cloudoon comes in 3 packages. All offering different storage spaces for users:

  • Gold – 50GB per account
  • Silver- 25GB per account
  • Bronze -15GB per account

All this is offered in very affordable payment plans and your organisation can select a payment plans that suits them. For more information visit