Cloudoon Email Service

Cloudoon is a dedicated email hosting service introducing new levels of email service, reliability and service. Compared to rivals such as Exchange and G suite, Cloudoon provides a business email hosting solution that comes at a cheap price.

Cloudoon is the best dedicated email service provider for cloud email services. We provide a reliable email solution that can be launched within minutes. The services offered within Cloudoon include cloud storage, shared documents, email aliases, antivirus and spam guard, contact manager, notes, calendar, Video Conferencing, Team Workspace, Whiteboard and event manager. Migration is free and email is ad free. It is accessible through multiple web clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail. There is real time data sync of data across all devices such as smartphone, computer, web client.

The services is offered in 3 packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The Gold package offers 50GB storage per account.

The Silver package offers 25GB storage per account.

The Bronze package offers 15GB storage per account.

The payment plan can be 1 year plan, 2 year plan or 3 year plan.

Cloudoon comes with many tools such as calendars, notes, event manager and contact manager that aim to improve overall productivity. These services can only be accessed through the Internet which means that you need a reliable internet connection in order to access services. Cloudoon can be accessed from anywhere and at any time so long as one is connected to the Internet. It is also more secure because it comes with antivirus and spam guard software that prevents unwanted email. The service is scalable and can be adjusted to according to the company’s needs.

One of the major benefits of using Cloudoon is its uptime. The service has round the clock personnel who are responsible for maintenance, therefore any issues that arise are handled on the spot. This prevents downtime which costs money in terms of time lost while fixing the issue. Cloudoon provides secure business email hosting and can launch email solutions in minutes. This allows you to focus on business with clients. For more information on Cloudoon, visit our website