Business Email Hosting Solution

Email is an essential need for any business. Business email hosting is a great tool for establishing brand identity and credibility with customers as they trust you more. It is also a great tool for advertisement because the company name is visible in all communications: both internal and external, a feature not available in free mail. Cloudoon provides dedicated email hosting .

Cloudoon is an business email hosting solution with services such as contacts manager, event manager, calendar, shared documents, notes, email alias, premium antivirus and spam guard and cloud storage.

A business email such as Cloudoon is better than free mail such as Google, Hotmail and Yahoo in the sense that it adds some professionalism in communication between clients, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders. Some of the benefits of using business email hosting solutions include:

Communication becomes professional: A business email account is trusted more than a free mail account. A business email is associated with the company’s domain name which is on the company website. It can be used for sending work-related information such as invoices, work reports and business proposals.

Better features: Business email hosting offers features better suited for companies than free mail hosting.

Cloudoon is a collaboration platform as good as Exchange and better than G Suite. It offers an improvement technology in terms of the features in free mail such as storage space and removes the issues associated with free mail such as spamming.

The spam guard feature prevents unwanted email and restricts email to the ones sent from valid email addresses. Some of the features offered in Cloudoon include larger storage space, premium antivirus and spam guard, contacts manager, event manager, video conferencing, whiteboard and team workspace. Some of these features are not available with free mail accounts.

Trust: An email sent from a business email is trusted more than an email sent from a free email. This is because a business email looks more professional and if clients want to look up your business online, they can do so because the business name is part of the email address. This helps in gaining new customers. On the other hand, an anonymous email sent with free mail has no business name, diminishing the trust of clients and prospective clients who may want to know more about your company are unable to do so.

Storage space: Cloudoon offers customized storage space plans with reliable email servers hosting for businesses. In the Gold plan, the storage space is 50GB per account, in silver package, the storage space is 25GB per user and in bronze package the storage space is 15GB per user.

Cost effective: Business email hosting is cost saving because it saves on the cost of hiring IT personnel to manage email server by outsourcing to an email hosting company. The different plans that Cloudoon offers ensures that there is an affordable solution depending on the client’s needs and budget. We offer best pricing plans for email host.

Cloudoon is built to provide business email hosting solutions for small and medium-sized companies. We provide reliable, professional email service to support your business needs.


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