Truehost’s Affordable Business Email Enables Consultant Flexibility

Truehost’s Affordable Business Email Enables Consultant Flexibility

John, an independent consultant, needed a separate email account for his professional correspondence but wanted something affordable and flexible for his variable work schedule. With Truehost’s low-cost business email plans and flexible billing, he can easily manage communications for his consulting projects on his own terms.

The Challenge: Finding an Economical Email Solution

As his consulting work picked up, John sought a dedicated email account to keep professional correspondence separate from his personal account. However, most solutions required annual contracts that weren’t aligned with his variable project work.

  • Wanted email only for active consulting periods
  • Annual subscriptions had high upfront costs
  • Needed flexibility to pause and resume email access
  • Sought affordable email tailored to consulting workload

Without a flexible email solution, he’d have to continue mixing professional and personal communications.

The Solution: Truehost’s Affordable Email Hosting

To gain professional email that fits his workload, John leveraged Truehost’s business email which provides:

  • Low monthly pricing – Avoid large annual fees
  • Bill only active months – Pay for only what you use
  • Easy pause and resume – Scale email to project needs
  • Reliable delivery – Quality service for professional image

The monthly billing allowed easy startup and shutdown as needed.

Paying for active periods only prevented wasting money during downtime.

The Results: Flexibility and Savings

With Truehost’s flexible business email, John gained convenience and cost savings:

  • Aligned with workload – Activates email only for active projects
  • Cost optimization – No unused paid periods
  • Professionalism – Reliable email reinforces consultant image
  • Significant savings – Yearly costs reduced by 30-50%

Truehost enabled John to launch quickly with a professional email address that provides the flexibility and affordability ideal for his consulting business. He saves substantially while still conveying a polished, established image to clients.

For independent professionals with fluctuating work periods, finding email with flexible terms is key. Truehost provided John a solution tailored to his unique consultancy needs.